Never Used a Automatic Hair Curler Before? Here Are Some Tips

Using a wireless curler is very similar to using any other hot tool. But there is always a first time. But, don’t worry. The basics work the same. The only difference is you need to make sure it is charged. 

A good craftsman never blames his tools. So don’t start pointing fingers. Here are short, powerful tips and instructions to include when you want to style your hair effortlessly:

  • Whether you have long or short hair, adding temperature will put a strain on your hair, so protect it with heat protectant spray.
  • All hair differs. Use the temperature setting to find what your hair needs. 
  • Thin hair requires less heat than thick hair. Remember that. 
  • Get to know your heat tool before you set sail. Practice while the barrel is still cold. 
  • Letting your curls cool down before handling it will have them last longer. 
  • Cup your curls in your hand as it comes out of the curler to have them cool in their shape. In fact, this works like a pro in your journey to perfection. Note not to burn yourself, though. 

If you still need hair hacks to achieve the wavy look, there are great tutorials online for short or long cuts. 

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