MKBOO Professional Automatic Rotating Ceramic 3 In 1 Hair Curler


With the 3 In 1 automatic curling iron from MKBOO you show yourself your most beautiful side every day. And the extra accessories make it complete. Look radiant and well-groomed every day. Suitable for all hair types and equipped with smart heat technology.

Of course we also understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to take care of your hair every day.

For the MKBOO curling iron, we listened to what other women wanted.
As a result, we believe that we have come very close to perfection with this automatic curling iron. In other words, by women, for women.

The curling irons from MKBOO are of high quality, which ensures that your hair gets the ultimate shape with as little hair damage as possible.

Ceramic glaze hair care. conducts heat evenly, minimizes frizz and hair damage, produces softer curly hair

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The WiLEES Automatic Hair Curling Wand makes it easy to create beautiful, shiny curls with its 3 different sizes of curl barrel.

This professional hair curling wand kit includes 1.18”/0.98”/ 0.78“ cylinders.

Easily create different professional-looking curls types for your look which lasts all day long.

Start to change a hair style:

  1. Select a small strand of hair and place in the curling iron.
  2. Place the curling iron handle near the scalp or your head with iron tip facing down.
  3. Wrap your hair from base of the curling iron to the tip in a downward direction, heat protective gloves is necessary to protect your hands.
  4. Hold hair around the curling wands about 3 to 5 seconds.
  5. Release hair from the tip and let hair slide down. Do not pull hair down, it will make the curl tangled.
  6. If you meet any problems during use, please feel free to send us message, we will provide friendly customer support and the best solutions for you all the time.

Save Time

Instant heat in just 30 s.

Adjustable Temperature

380°F for thin and soft hair;

410°F for normal hair;

450°F for thick and hard hair.

Ceramic glaze hair care

Conduct heat evenly,minimizes frizz and hair damage,produce softer curls.

Elegant Curl


Heat: 380℉(193℃)

Barrel size: 1.18 inch

Classic Curl


Heat: 450℉(232℃)

Barrel size: 0.78 inch

Romantic Curl


Heat: 410℉(193℃)

Barrel size: 0.98 inch

How to Use 3 Wands Hair Curler

  1. Please make sure the power connection under normal condition
  2. Choose the applicable curling iron wand , install it then lock it
  3. Twist the button of the iron tail to adjust to the ideal temperature
  4. Choose direction left or right
  5. Start curling


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