MUSE Hair Cleaning and Massage Comb


Hair Cleaning and Massage Brush: The scalp brush consists of an ABS Resin Grip and 8-Row total of 572 Soft Nylon Pins. Used as to detangling brush, Scalp Massager Brush, Will Stimulate Hair Growth and Daily Beauty Hair Combing.
Unique 3 Types of Soft Bristles: Soft and dense bristles to no-pain remove knots and entanglement. Long and short two-stage flocking and three types of pins with different hardness. Deeply clean the scalp and hair follicles, and remove sebum and dirt without harming the scalp.
Wet and Dry for all Hair Types: The MUSE lightweight hair brush has a gift box and brush Protection tube. This detangler brush is the best choice for family and travel. Works great on thin, straight, wet, dry, long hair, ideal hairbrush for women, girls, and kids with all hair types.
Comfortable & Ergonomic Handle: The detangling brush has a shiny and silky Handle. The easy-to-use handle ensures it will as a Unique gift for your wife, mom, and women friend. This stylish brush will be the perfect addition to any vanity. Color of Elegant and Unique – Rose Gold, Purple.
Great suitable for combing the Conditioner evenly touching each hair through the Wet hairbrush. We only adopt Safe and Qualified Materials.

The Muse cleaning massage hair brush has a patented scalp adhesion design. Two-layered ball-tipped bristles of this hair brush will reach all the way to your follicles.

Cleansing and massage effect
Top lens pins patented scalp contact design and 572 present is firmly down massage 40,000 pores dirt.

Brushing your hair after treatment will condition the cuticles and spread the active ingredients evenly throughout the hair. Be sure to experience the beautiful finish.

By using it for finishing styling, you can raise your hair firmly from the root and achieve a voluminous and cohesive styling.


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